Mahira Shahbaz

On April 28, a 14-year-old Christian girl from Madina Town Faisalabad city in Punjab Pakistan was abducted by a group of Muslim men. According to the first information record (FIR) filed by the mother of the girl.

First Information report

She stated “ My daughter Mahira Shehbaz was abducted by a group of Muslim men led by Muhammad Naqash and the eyewitnesses claimed that Mahira was attacked while she was traveling to her work as a domestic worker on Tuesday afternoon.

The eyewitnesses Pervez Masih, Younas Masih, and Naeem Masih, claimed that Mahira’s abductors forced her into a car while she was trying to resist. These eyewitnesses were unable to help Mahira because abductors were armed and fired several shots before the abduction.

Nighat Shahbaz the mother of the victim girl expressed her concern that her underage girl will be raped and then will be forced to convert to Islam.

While on the other hand, when our team contacted the local police station in Faisalabad, one of the officials stated that she is now converted to Islam and had married Mohammad Naqash willingly. Furtherly, the officer stated that however, we are looking into the matter with keen interest.

Abducting and converting the underage girls in Pakistan has become an everyday incident. Although there are several ruling from the High courts in Pakistan, declaring 18 years as the legal age for marriage. But these ruling have no effect in the Islamic society, young Christian girls are abducted and converted to Islam and married off to Muslim men in a well-organized manner. These conversions are often backed by powerful shrines, seminaries, and clerics as well as politicians in Pakistan. Seminaries and shrines protect the couple saying that the girl has willingly eloped, converted, and married.

Federal and provincial authorities are often seeing surrendering to these powerful figures of the Pakistani Society. Pakistani Government is failed to provide security to the minority groups. We, therefore, request the international community to raise your voice for these Persecuted and oppressed Christians.


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