Nadeem Joseph

A Christian family was shot after buying a house in a Muslim neighborhood in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Pakistan, who is listed in the U. S. State Department as a “country of particular concern” that tolerates or engages in violations of religious freedom.

Pakistani Christian Man, Nadeem Joseph, bought a house in the Muslim neighborhood in Peshawar in May 2020. Once, one of the Muslim neighbor Mohammad Salman Khan found that Nadeem is a Christian, he approached him to leave the Muslim Colony, Immediately. Furtherly Salman khan added, “as Christian and Jews are the enemies of Islam, therefore, they are not entitled to live amongst the Muslims”.

According to Erum, the niece of Nadeem Joseph, “My uncle and his family were harassed and threatened with the dare consequences if they would not leave the colony”. She furtherly added that they were given 24 hours to leave their house otherwise ready for the consequences.

The same day on the 4th of June 2020, they approached Nadeem and family once again and once Nadeem tried to call the Police for help, Salman Khan’s Sons opened fire with AK 47.

Nadeem Joseph

The Bullets hit the belly of Nadeem Joseph and after hearing the Gunshots, the family members came out to save Joseph but again the culprits opened fire and wounded his mother in law.

It was so tragic that No Muslim neighbor came forward to help the Christian family. Immediately, after that, Joseph and his mother in Law were taken to the hospital where they are still under treatment.

The growing violence against the Religious Communities in Pakistan is rising, whereas the Government is making little efforts to create relationships amongst the different communities of Pakistan.


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