Zubiada Bibi wife of Boota Masih

Human life in Pakistan has No value and if you are Christian then it is made more challenging. Our Organization is working on the brick Kiln workers from the last 5 years and hence saved thousands of brick kiln slaves in Pakistan.
Moreover, our team is well connected to the network of the Kiln factories where persecution is at its highest level.

On 29th March 2020, a Christian worker in the brick kiln situated at Choniyan Kasur, Pakistan was killed in a broad Daylight by the Muslim Intruders in the Kilns. Boota Masih and Zubaida Bibi, along with their children were working in the Brick Kilns of Mohammad Zulifqar for decades.
Mohammad Zulifqar’s kiln and fields of Mohammad Abid were attached and Zulifqar forbade them to pass through his kiln, which led the families into an enmity.

On 29th March when Abid found that Zulifqar is visiting the Kiln, he along with dozens of men attacked the Kiln and started beating Zulifqar and other workers. Boota Masih, tried to protect Zulifqar and when they found that Boota is Christian, one of the intruders shouted at him saying that you are an infield and ask others to take care of him. However, being a loyal worker, Boota Masih did not step back from helping Zulfiqar so two men started beating Boota, one with the sticks and others started punching him on his chest and neck. Due to which, Boota fell-down and became unconscious, and seeing this, the intruders ran away from the spot.

Immediately, Boota Masih was taken to the hospital by the other workers but he could not survive and lost his life before reaching the hospital.
After the demise of Boota neither Government nor Zuliqar helped the family, however many officials from the Punjab government promise the family for justice but nothing has been done.
Recently, Zubaida Bibi the wife of Boota contact us and requested our legal team for help. Our team is working on the case and we believe that we will get justice for this persecuted family.


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