About Us

“The Emergency Committee to Save The Persecuted and Enslaved .” (ECSPE)” is established by Keith Davies, a former Executive Director of Rescue Christians, and Farrukh Saif, the head of the Farrukh Saif Foundation. Both Keith Davies and Farrukh Saif decided to merge their efforts to help and save the persecuted minorities in countries where they are being persecuted.

The focus of the organization is to work in countries where Minorities are facing persecution due to their faith. The organization is focused to help the victims of social, constitutional, and religious discrimination in their respective countries.

ECSPE has focused to fight against the Blasphemy Laws, forced conversions, rape and abduction, and especially the main focus is to liberate and set free the modern days Salves from the brick kilns in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India.

Apart from all the work on the different target areas, “The Emergency Committee to Save The Persecuted and Enslaved” (ECSPE)” is dedicated to providing the legal assistance and safe homes to the Persecuted Religious minorities as well as to relocate those victims who are in danger in their homelands.

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