The Emergency Committee to Save The Persecuted and Enslaved” (ECSPE) is the vision and inspiration of Keith Davies and Farrukh Harrison Saif. They along with their associates and staff have been able to rescue tens of thousands of people from Slavery and persecution in just a four (4) years. The organization is focused to help the victims of social, constitutional and religious discrimination in their respective countries.

Keith Davies is Jewish and Farrukh Harrison is Christian and understand the religious persecution of minorities in different parts of the world. Keith Davies’ wife’s family were decimated in the Holocaust and Farrukh Harrison Saif has been the target of the religious persecution in past.

In April, 2018 they both emerged their efforts to start a new Charity which will focus on the religious persecution of people in countries where they are facing Challenges as well as their primary mission.  to remove slavery from the world.  According to the different organizations of the world there are tens of millions of modern day slaves worldwide. According to the Gallup poll there are around 45.3 million Slaves globally. Most of these people were forced to work in the brick Kilns, cultivation, Mines and in factories.

Initially, ECSPE aims to remove Slavery from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.  In these three countries there are around 22 Million Slaves ROUND 50% of all slaves according to Gallub with most of them being bonded laborers which include the enslavement of whole families. Seventy per cent of all modern day slaves are actually young children.

 Keith Davies Biography

Keith Davies was born in 1962 in Ireland and immigrated to the USA in 1990. He came to America for the great opportunities it affords but ironically instead founded a charity to help others to gain better lives in other countries. The charity as founded in 2006 and initially was involved in educating people about Israel and the Middle East in 2006 but developed in 2010 to help and rescue the Christians in the Middle East and Far East when it was discovered that no other charity was involved in rescuing Christians who were being persecuted for their faith.  Mr. Davies founded the division of the charity called “Rescue Christians”.  In eight years with his leadership and guidance along with his connections was successful in raising funds, designing and inspiring ways to rescue tens of thousands of Christian slaves from the brick kiln factories in Pakistan. Included in his portfolio of work he organized the saving dozens of people who had been falsely accused of blasphemy , as well as the rescue of dozens of young girls who had been raped and forced converted to Islam in Pakistan. All this was done with the help of his brave associates who risked their lives for others.

In 2018 Keith Davies ended his relationship with his pervious organization because of family politics within the charity which resulted in the ending of the funding for rescue projects.

In 2017 Mr. Davies was invited by the Hungarian government to a Global conference that was set up to discuss the issues of the Persecuted Christians of the Middle East and Far East and Africa.

In April, 2018 Keith Davies along with his associates started a new charity called “The Emergency Committee to save the persecuted and enslaved”  with the aim to save and protect the persecuted Christians and other minorities in the Middle East, Far East and Africa with a strong focus on Pakistan.

Keith Davies  fully understands the issues of religious persecution, most of his wife’s family were wiped out by the Nazis and his own family names were held at the German embassy in Dublin ready for arrest if Nazi Germany had prevailed in World War Two. Mr. Davies would like to rescue and protect the Christians and other Religious groups from the ongoing persecution and discrimination based on his conscience and his great knowledge of history of the few that tried to save Jews and other minorities from the Nazi tyranny.  The very same tyranny is now repeating itself but it is far more dangerous as the West due to political correctness stands in the way of the full recognition of the dangers to the minority communities in the Middle East, Far East and many countries in Africa.

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