Being Christian and poor is a massive problem for Christians in Pakistan. In the past ten years, we have fought for the rights of Christians in Pakistan. In the last several years, through our efforts, hundreds of lives were saved and changed. There is a story of a girl named Aliya Bibi, a young Christian who was enslaved, along with her family in the brick kiln in Bahawalpur, Pakistan.
According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, every year 1000 girls of minorities are abducted and raped in Pakistan, of which almost 700 are Christians. Christian women and women of other religious minorities are the softest targets of the extremist mindset. Often, the extremists abduct these women and girls just for their sexual pleasure.
Aliya was 14 years old when she was raped by the kiln owner for the first time; a man who happened to be older than her father. She was working in the kiln when the owner, Muhammad Jabbar, took her to his guesthouse in the kiln and raped her. Being a child who was unknown to this brutality, Aliya was in trauma. Aliya told our female coordinator that she begged Jabbar to stop, but he continued beating her and raping her and after four hours she was sent to her home.
Listen to the story of Aliya Bibi

After that, it became an everyday incident! Whenever Jabbar wanted, he used to take her to his guesthouse, and at night parties she was served to his friends. The family begged him not to destroy the life of their daughter but the man who held the power and money threatened them that if they informed or told anyone about this, he would kill them and burn them in the kiln.
The family married the girl to a relative working in the same kiln, but even then, Jabbar did not stop raping the young girl. This whole episode continued for four years until our team rescued the families from the kiln. Aliya and her husband, Shamoon, were rescued and safely relocated to another city.
This is just one story, but sometimes our team, who rescues these victims, suffers mental trauma regarding how these vulnerable Christian girls and women can be abducted and raped in the kilns.
We request you to stand with us to help vulnerable girls like Aliya Bibi.


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