Emergency Rescue Committee- Another Church was burnt into ashes in Charla, a village near north of Hyderabad, a city in India, on 26th June,2019.
The Church was in a poor locality and was made up of thatch and wood, was completely destroyed along with bibles by unknown persons.

According to Pastor Joshua Chinna Rao, head pastor at The Believer’s Church, this is not the first time that the local radicals have attempted to destroy the church. However, by the time the church members reached at the scene of the fire on June 26, the church was already completely consumed by the fire.

Pastor Rao started The Believer’s Church 18 years ago. For the first five years, church members had to meet in each others homes for worship. However, as more people began attending the services, the community built a temporary shed that could accommodate nearly 25 families.

“We do not know who burnt the church,” Pastor Rao told International Christian Concern (ICC). “We suspect it was done deliberately to prevent us from worshiping.”

“After the church was burnt, services were held in my house,” Pastor Rao said. “Unfortunately, as soon as my landlord realized what we were doing, he demanded that we should stop.”
“Now I cannot have worship at the church or in my rented house,” Pastor Rao lamented. “I am worried whether I will be able to hold any worship at all.”

It seems difficult and impossible for the Christians of India and Pakistan to live freely in the country where they were born. Hostility and extremism against the religious minorities in India and Pakistan has now become one of the most difficult subject to address.

Both Governments of India and Pakistan are completely failed to protect its minorities. International community and UN should take serious action against such countries who are failed to protect the innocent minorities in their respected Countries.
We would request you to join hands with us to save and protect the Christians and Other Religious minorities in the world.


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