Source: Sahara Reporters

At least 74 people were killed on May 27, when bandits attacked villages in the Sabon Birni, district of Sokoto state, near the border with Niger.

The Northwest of Nigeria becomes the house of Extremist militant groups such as Boko Haram, the group which led most of the attacks on Civilians in the Past decade. However, the Nigerian Media is censoring the name of the bandit group who attacked last Wednesday.

According to our Nigerian Associate, the north-western region is predominantly controlled by the Bako Haram and no such attack can be designed without their permission.

Media Report from Garda world, “the villages of Garki, Dan Aduwa, Kuzari, Katuma, and Masawa , were attacked at noon, causing hundreds of residents to flee into the bush. An unknown number of people remain missing and unconfirmed reports from local officials suggest that the death toll has since risen to at least 74.”

However, hundreds of women and children with their families, are displaced from these villages as per other media reports.

These attacks have become an increasing threat in northwest Nigeria in recent years amid rising tensions with the Sabon Birni district having seen the repeated eruption of such violence.

On Wednesday, the attacks came a day after security forces claimed to have launched a series of airstrikes against alleged bandits in Zamfara state. However, high-profile security operations have previously had little success in reducing violence in the northwest region of Nigeria.

Sources: Garda World and Sahara Reporters


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