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On Monday, Nigerian town of Dapchi, Resonated with screams and gunshots. Dozens of Militants entered and wreak havoc the whole town, insurgents brunt down the General Hospital and District Administration Palace.

Nigerian National media is describing the attack as the biggest so far carried out by the Bako Haram. Earlier, in March, the Bako Haram fighters killed seven Policemen in Dapchi.

However, Dapchi grabbed the headlines on February 19, 2018, when the town was attacked by insurgents, who abducted 110 schoolgirls from Government Girls Science and Technical College.

According to the eyewitness, “When the Hospital was set on fire, many patients undergoing treatment ran for their lives.”

Meanwhile the attack, many people were reported missing while families have been separated in panic. Prior to the attack, we had highlighted the news that the Nigerian Government is ready to pardon the chief of the Bako Haram.

We believe this attack was in result of the failure of dialogue between the Nigerian government and Bako Haram.

We call on the International Community, the Churches, and especially the Individuals to stand together with their Persecuted brethren in Islamic Countries. Our Organization is Aiding and defending the Persecuted Christians in the Islamic world. Your small support can save one life, Stand with us to Save your brethren.


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