China's President Xi Jinping gestures as he attends a variety show in Macau earlier this month. A Chinese official stressed in November that religious authorities must follow President Xi's instructions and interpret the ideologies of different religions in accordance with 'the core values of Socialism' and 'the requirements of the era'

Chinese Government is keeping pressurizing the Religious groups of the country. Hundreds of religious workers and leaders are arrested and churches are under strict observation by the Chinese Socialist forces.

A new development occurred in this regard and in Nov 2019, a meeting was organized by the Committee for Ethnic and Religious Affairs of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative, which observe the ethnic and religious matters in China.

During the meeting, the order has been passed by the Chairman of the committee Mr. Wang Yang, in which he stressed that the religious authorities must follow President Xi’s instructions and construes the ideologies of different religions in accordance with the values of Socialism.

Chinese Government is already controlling the religious groups especially Christians and Muslims in a very strict manner, Churches are facing censorship from the Government and are forced to twist the theology and doctrine of the Bible.

Now this new step of rewriting the Bible in accordance with the socialist values of China will completely change the course of Christianity in China across the globe.

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