A couple of weeks ago, we were told by several Christians in Karachi, Pakistan that how Saylani Welfare International Trust was denying food aid to Christians and Hindus during the ongoing situation with the coronavirus pandemic. However, Saylani Welfare claimed that hence the money is the Zakat, almsgiving, from Muslims, therefore Religious minorities are not entitled to have it, as per the Sharia laws.

Similarly, Our Organization got several cases in the different parts of Pakistan where Christians were not only denied by the Private sector of welfare but also from the Government set institutions to get any relief during this Pandemic.

Shortly after this news, our Organization got information that many of the Islamic foundations well-funded by the government sectors not only refused religious minorities for food -Aid but also forced them to embrace Islam and on this condition they could be entitled to receive any aid during this Coronavirus Pandemics.

According to the reports gathered by our own Organization, the religious minorities, especially Christians and Hindus are facing extreme discrimination in Pakistan during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.
Our team working in Karachi, Pakistan was the first to highlight such incidents where Muslim Organizations were forcing Christians and Hindus to accept Islam. Later, similar news came from the different parts of Pakistan as well. Christians and Hindus who were in denial of their basic rights in Pakistan are now facing life-threatening challenges in Pakistan.

Christians and Hindus are a highly marginalized group of people in Pakistan. Almost, 70% of the Christians scrape by on their daily wages. These circumstances have put Christians and other religious minorities in a dire situation where they cannot even afford to fulfill the basic needs of their families whereas, on the other hand, their religious beliefs are also on the stake that they could be eligible to get the relief through one option only that is to accept Islam.

As an organization working in Pakistan, we have been approached to help with food packages by hundreds of families (especially the Sindh and Punjab regions). Currently, we are working on supplying these food packages to the Pakistani Christians and other Religious Minorities.

We, therefore, Request the Christian Organizations and Churches to come forward and help the Religious minorities in Pakistan. Your small help can save these families from denial of their basic human rights.

We are humbly requesting a commitment of $50 so you can partner up with us in saving these deprived communities. Please be generous in this hour of need.



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