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The persecution of Christians in India is not a new subject. St.Thomas, the disciple of Jesus Christ was the first Christian Martyr in the Indian subcontinent and the series continues to this day as the Christians of this subcontinent still suffer on a daily basis.

Recently in Odisha, the north-eastern state of India, a Christian was severely beaten by a mob for holding a Christian prayer gathering in his home.

On 11th March 2020, Kama Sodi and his wife Bima held a prayer meeting in their home and invited a Pastor to lead them in prayer with 20 other local residents of the village in Malkangiri, Odisha.

As they were in the prayer session, the local Villagers broke into Sodi’s home and forced them to stop the prayer meeting immediately. Due to the threats and fears, the prayer was stopped and Pastor fled from the Village.

On the same evening, dozens of Hindu residents of the village attacked the house of Sodi and destroyed his house and beat him with sticks. According to the reports, Sodi, was almost beaten to death as his wife Bima protected their two small children, aged 3 and 6. They were furtherly forced to recant their Christian Faith. The couple refused to deny their faith in Jesus and said that they would prefer to die as Christian. The local Christians helped Sodi to take him to the hospital where he stayed for a week. The local pastor also tried to help the family to file a police report. However, the police refused to take any action against the assailants.

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  1. The Modi disciples don’t like the Muslims and the Christians of India. They will do this kind of evil act until they die.

        • Are you sure there is no Persecution in Pakistan? Every year hundreds of Christians end up in jails because of the pathetic Blasphemy laws. Thousands of Christian and Hindu girls are abducted and raped and then forced to convert to Islam by your associated Pakistani Muslims. Christians and other religious minorities are never treated as equal citizens of Pakistan. If you like we would give you the long list of Persecution of Religious minorities in Pakistan.

        • Yes that’s why Hindu and Masi hi wants to leave pakistan. Under age Hindi, Christians girls are rapped force to convert islam. Every day new cases happening but people like you don’t wanna face reality, look into your history. It is full of sword without sword there wouldn’t be any islam.
          I was born in pak so don’t tell lies.

  2. Arsalan khan. Lies do not hide the realities. The whole world knows about your country. In India this is a rare occurrence, we minorities in India have a forum and we will do what best we can.
    We will always pray for our enemies that God may open their eyes for their salvation.

  3. This is so sad and painful they are doing very bad things to minorities
    specially in INDIA no one talks about it
    Since RSS and BJP come to power India things are very very bad they are so many innocent people are beaten to death specially Muslims and Christians by This One Of the brutal Hindu terrorist group in India. So Please World should take immediately
    Action against Indian government
    Save innocent lives please please please pray for Indian Minority people
    Thank you.

    • I agree with you Since BJP has come into power Christians Muslims and other religious minorities are facing many challenges in India. India was the country where all religious minorities were having equal rights but now everything is changed, Even recent Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019, was the major setback of religious communities in India

    • Have you Muslims ever treated the Hindus civilly since the Islamic invasion of India.?How do you account for the millions of Hindus killed by Muslim conquerers in the name of Islam.Now it is payback time.You don’t like it migrate to Pakistan?Don’t consider myself as Indian but do know the bloody past of India.All you Muslims have to be kicked out of India.


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