Emergency Rescue Committee : International Community is mostly aware of the fact that how Christians are being Persecuted in Christian and Islamic countries. Most of the Political leaders consider that there is a random persecution of Christians in Islamic World.

However, the truth is that in every field of life Christians are severely persecuted and face discrimination in the Society. Pakistan is one of Such Countries which is very successful in undermining the voice of Persecuted Christians. That is true and correct that the Major Persecution of Christians are happening in Pakistan but the Media and the Social media is being controlled in such a way that No news are coming into the International community.

Even recently a Canadian Journalist, Ezra Levant, exposed Pakistani Government in the Conference at London where he questioned Pakistani Foreign Minister that How they could block his twitter account in Canada . Recently one of my very close friends who is a political activist of Pakistan and now living in UK, was blocked by twitter and Facebook as his whole posts were regarding the violation of human rights in Pakistan.

Everyday our organization is receiving cases of discrimination and Persecution. Even few of the people in the world are aware that there are hundreds of thousands of Pakistani Christians who are fixed up in modern day slavery. Our Organization is focusing on such families who are facing persecution and discrimination in the brick kiln.

Recently our organization rescued couple of Christian families from the Persecution and here is the testimony of the families who are fixed in brick Kiln industry as slaves.
Listen to their stories:

Our Organization desires to end the slavery from Pakistan and India and We request you all to stand with us so together we all could break this Chain of Slavery once for all.


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