In 2014, Farrukh Saif and Keith Davies started working to help the Pakistani Asylum Seekers in Thailand by providing food and other necessary supplies.

In 2015, the Immigration Detention Center (Bangkok) was exposed for having terrible living conditions so we started to provide supplies. Farrukh Saif started providing food to the Pakistani Christians and Ahmadi Community for several months as well as advocating passionately to improve the living conditions for the victims.

In March 2015, when hundreds of Asylum seekers were arrested, we paid the fines of hundreds of people to avoid imprisonment.

In May 2015, we were able to bail out hundreds of people after paying 50,000 Thai-Baht ($1600) for each person.

We are the only group to successfully give 50 families resettlement by the Government of Spain for the Asylum Seekers.


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