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Muslim Fulani herdsmen hacked to death and shot nine Christians in Nigeria’s Kaduna state on June 3rd, Morning Star News (MSN) reported. Women and children were among those slain and seven other people were kidnapped at gunpoint during a Muslim Fulani assault on the predominantly Christian Tudun Doka village in Kajuru County. MSN sources said this latest Fulani attack occurred while the bodies of over 30 Christians murdered in previous invasions still lay in nearby villages: surviving residents had to flee and have not been able to bury their loved ones’ corpses.

Rifkatu Hassan, a survivor of the attack, told MSN on the phone: “We woke up around 5 a.m. when we heard sounds of gunshots. The herdsmen attacked our homes and shot at us and cut others with machetes.” Hassan added that most of those murdered were women and children from Assemblies of God, Baptist, Catholic and Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) churches. Hassan identified eight of the victims as Richard Yusuf, Kefas Yusuf, Fidelis Wada, Kachia, Genesis Soja, Victoria Gyata, Rose Soja and Rahab Soja.

Kajuru County authorities confirmed that nine people were killed in the attack. In a press statement on June 3, Chairman of Kajuru Local Council Cafra Caino said: “Tudu Doka village in Agwala Dutse general area was attacked this morning. A detailed inventory of casualties is being taken.”

The attack is the latest in ongoing murderous assaults on Christians by Muslim Fulani herdsmen. Among those attacked are Christian communities in Idazau, Etissi, Bakin Kogin, Dutsen Gora, Ungwar Gora, Pushu Kallah, and Magunguna villages, MSN reported.

Nigeria ranked 2nd behind Pakistan on the Open Doors’ 2020 World Watch List of countries in which Christians are killed for their faith.


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