There is no value left for human lives in the African region especially when the entire African continent was handed over to the Islamic Militant groups, Such as Al-Shabaab , Boko Haram Ansar al-Sunna and even ISIS wings. These groups are fighting for the resources and power in the region for years now. The poor African people often became the subjects of the cruelty of these militant outfits. Recently 52 villagers in Mozambique were killed as a result of denial to be part of the militancy activities.

According to the (Reuters)

– About 52 villagers in Mozambique’s troubled northernmost province were killed by Islamist insurgents on April 7 after they refused to be recruited to their ranks, police said on Tuesday.

“The young men were about to be recruited but they resisted, which provoked the ire of the bandits that killed the 52 indiscriminately,” police spokesman Orlando Modumane said.

The killings took place in the village of Xitaxi in Muidumbe district in the province of Cabo Delgado, home to multi-billion-dollar gas projects led by oil majors such as Total.

Last Wednesday, national police commander Bernardino Rafael said no parts of the troubled province were under the control of insurgents. His comments came after an increase in the frequency of attacks in the province.

Security analysts say that in some cases insurgents have occupied parts of towns, villages, or government buildings and hoisted a black-and-white flag.


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