The world is silent! Only a handful of people felt the pain and anguish of Christians who suffer almost daily.

Once again Two Christian villages were attacked in the Adamawa State of Nigeria, on 12th May. On the early morning of Tuesday, the Militants group attacked Gon and Bolki, two Christian villages in Numan, an Administrative area of Ádamawa State.

Clement Adams, a Youth leader and a member of vigilante, told the Nigerian Tribune, “The Militants destroyed and brunt several homes and stole the supplies and animals of local villagers and killed two Christian men, one of the people killed in this attack was working as a mason on task to re-construct one of the destroyed primary school, in the past attack.”

He furtherly said that they tried to call for military support and protection but were failed to get any aid.

However, DSP Suleiman Ngoruje, Adamawa State Police Command Police public relations officer told Nigerian Tribune: “I have not been briefed and nobody told me anything, I suspect there’s a network problem in that area, and will certainly get back to you,” Ngoruje said.

Even till today, No protection has been sent to both villages.

In circumstances like this, how can these poor Christian farmers survive, when the government is failed to provide aid and protection. This is the time for the Nigerian Government to stop such kinds of attacks and dismantle all the Militant groups from the Country. After Pakistan, Nigeria is one of the countries where the Government is failed to control the Religious Extremist militants.


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