On 16th May 2020, armed Muslim militants killed two Christians and abducted two others in the Kaduna State of Nigeria.

The Fulani Militants attacked the predominantly Christian village around 8 pm. The local resident of the village Ungwan Anjo, informed the Christian news agency Morning Star-News;

“Almost all houses in Ungwan Anjo were burnt down, churches affected included the ECWA [Evangelical Church Winning All Anglican, ERCC [Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ], and the Redeemed Christian Church of God [RCCG].” One of SOKAPU’s leaders, Jonathan Asake, stated that Fulani herdsmen attacked a different village in Kaduna earlier this month (May) which left about 15,000 Christians displaced without any intervention from the authorities. He said the following at a press conference, “The ongoing attacks on our communities point to the fact that there is a deliberate ethnic cleansing ripping across southern Kaduna which the authorities have turned a blind eye to.”

During this attack of Fulani militants, they also abducted two members of a local Catholic church in Kaduna state. A local resident furtherly told Morning Star News;

“The armed Muslim bandits attacked us with guns and machetes. The attack against us lasted for two hours. The situation is now calmed, but there is much tension as to whether our church members, kidnapped two days earlier, will be released or killed by the bandits.”

Christians in Kaduna state are extremely terrified of the growing violence in their state.

Earlier in March 2020, One of the Church leaders Rev. Hayab, strongly condemned the killings and kidnappings in a press statement, he said;

“Recently, the general frenzy is that despite the continuing attacks on helpless Kajuru communities, those responsible for ensuring the security of lives and property are only but playing lips service to the security challenge.”

Only, in May, 15000 Christians were displaced in Kaduna State, this proves the government failure.

We call on the International Community, the Churches, and especially the Individuals to stand together with their Persecuted brethren in Islamic Countries. Our Organization is Aiding and defending the Persecuted Christians in the Islamic world. Your small support can save one life, stand with us to save your brethren.


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