Recently, a video became viral on Social Media in Pakistan. One of the Muslim clerics on Mandi Channel in Pakistan claimed that his organization Dawat-e-Islami is converting the Christians to Islam during COVID-19 food packages.

Earlier our organization pointed out in the international community that how Muslim groups and organizations are using the food packages for converting people to Islam.

Christian and Religious Minorities Are Forced to Embrace Islam for Food during COVID-19 Pandemics in Pakistan.

Pakistani Christians, who hold the 5% of the total population, is one of the most oppressed religious group in Pakistan and around 70% of the Pakistani Christians work on daily wages. This Coronavirus Pandemic has put Christians into a very difficult situation. Moreover, Government and semi-Government institutions are treating the Christians as unwanted elements of the society and are failed to provide any sort of relief to the Christian community.

Christian NGOs and Churches are doing their best to help out the poor Christians during the time of this Pandemics, however, the Muslim Organizations taking advantage of such a situation by forcing them to embrace Islam if they need any help. We request the International community to stand together with the Poor Christians in the Islamic world where they are facing a lot of challenges because of this Corona Virus.


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