By Stefan J. Bos, Special Correspondent Worthy News

A new report of a respected U.S. researcher concludes that more Americans believe in Satan than belief in God. George Barna, whose work is based at the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, also writes: “Tens of millions of Americans consider themselves to be Christian but do not believe that God is really in control or cares what happens to them.”

                George Barna

Of those who believe in Jesus, more say He sinned than didn’t – 44 to 41 percent, according to Barna’s findings. And more Americans believe in satan – 56 percent – than believe in God. “Over half of all adults—52%—contend that ‘the Holy Spirit is not a living entity, but merely a symbol of God’s power, presence or purity,'” the survey claims.

And it warns that “most shockingly, most Americans—56 percent—believe that ‘Satan is not merely a symbol of evil but is a real spiritual being and influences human lives.'” Only 51 percent of Americans view God as “all-powerful, all-knowing, perfect and just creator of the universe who still rules the world today.” In 1991, 73 percent of Americans believed that to be true.

The research for the 12-part American Worldview Inventory also notes that 44 percent of respondents believe that when Jesus was on the Earth, in the flesh, He was both fully divine and fully human. Therefore, the respondents say Jesus committed sins like any other person. Only 41 percent held the Biblical view that Christ had lived a sinless life, was fully man, and proved in His Ressurection from death that He was fully God, the findings reveal.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, 51 percent of pastors on Barna’s Church Panel said virtual church attendance is up compared to typical Sunday in-person worship. The research was expected to add to an ongoing debate about the role of church and Christians in American society.


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