Shabana Masih daughter of Ghulam Masih age 16 years Christian girl, resident of 55/2-L Tehsil District Okara, was abducted raped and forcibly converted to Islam. On1st July ,2012 Shabana Bibi was abducted by Anwar Boota (Islamic Name Muhammad Umar) a Converted Muslim aged 45 year from her home with the help of his companions. Anwar embraces Islam years back and associated with the radical cleric Dr. Mian Abdul sami Haqqani of village 55/2-L.

The father of Shabana bibi Ghulam Masih filed an application against Anwar Boota in Sadar Police station at District Okara. On4th July 2012FIR (First information record) bearing No.627/12 was registered against Anwar Boota. After Abducting Shabana Masih, Anwar Boota  repeatedly raped and tortured her; He also took her thumb impression on different papers.

For more than two months Shabana Masih was kept hostage by  Anwar Boota, as she got opportunity she escaped from their and reach to her parents.

Ghulam Masih and Shabana Masih along hundreds of villagers reached at police station at Sardar Okara, the Investigation officer Haji Abdul Ghafoor refused to take her statement. Whereas Haji Adbul Ghafoor pressurized Shabana Masih and her father to favour the accused. He harassed Ghulam Masih and Shabana Masih that if they did not change their statement then he will involved his father in criminal case as well registered a Blasphemy case against Shabana Masih.

Anwar Boota (Muhammad Umar) get the bail before arrest with the help of  Muslim cleric Dr. Mian Abdul Sami Haqqani and Local police, after providing the fake document of Shabana Masih that she also embraced Islam on 2nd July,2012. Mian Adbul Sami Haqqani submitted his statement before the session Judge that Shabana accepted Islam and now married with Anwar Boota ( Muhmmad Umar).

In October,2012 Mr. Ghulam Masih and her daughter Shabana  requested the Farrukh Saif   to help them in legal matter as well provide them security.

Our legal team filed the petition in the High Court of Lahore against the Anwar Boota (Muhammad Umar) and High court of Lahore dislodged the calim of Anwar Boota and directed the police to take action against all those who were involved in this matter.

We therefore request international community to please lift your voice for the defenseless Christian girls. Targeting christian girls are pleasurable activity for Muslim of Pakistan. Please keep Christians of Pakistan in your prayers.


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